Alternative New Wave/Electro-Pop Band From Spokane, WA
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Summer In Siberia originally started as Justin Hynes’ solo project in 2007, but soon grew into a full band for live shows. Their debut album in 2012 "crams together 80’s new wave and 21st century alt-pop, and the result sounds something like a swaggering guitar-rock band digitized and blasted into the bleep-bloop future. The songs? Catchy. Always" -The Inlander

The group was re-energized and took on new dimensions when it reformed in 2016. Summer In Siberia now consists of Hynes (keys/vocals), Alex Brandt (keys/guitar), Eric Shears (bass), and Travis Hurley (drums/electronic percussion). Their current sound combines new wave and experimental electro-pop sounds with heavy hitting yet danceable drums and captivating vocals. Their renowned high-energy live shows engage the crowd, getting them on their feet and dancing like an extra on Footloose.

The group is currently writing and recording new songs, and plans to release a succsession of EPs starting in Summer 2017.

Hi-Res Photos (for publication)

Live Performance Video

Every Single Island

Summer In Siberia performs "Every Single Island" at Volume: Inlander Music Festival in Spokane, WA, June 3rd, 2016.
  • Evoking the best of alternative synth-pop artists of yesteryear while staying rooted in the here and now, Spokane’s own Summer in Siberia deliver both bombast and beauty in their sets. The quartet blends traditional rock instrumentation and synthesizers, all topped off with Justin Hynes’ inviting, evocative vocals.
    The Inlander
  • You may know Summer in Siberia from shows around Spokane or from the recent commercial they did with Global Credit Union. Check out this new music video for their song, “Already Heard”. I love this song!
    Collect PNW
  • They have an electro-pop vibe, but one thing I do really like about this band is the vocals. They're melodic, but not over powering. There's a track on the album called "Studio 8H" that's a super electronic dance jam. I really liked this album, and I would definitely recommend buying their stuff on iTunes.
    Rockin' With Zoey
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